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Music Classes with Ms. Rye


Ms. Rye's classes provide a fun and engaging musical experience for ages 3-5


Classes are theme oriented and include...

● Music and Movement

● Storytime
● Hands-on Experience With a Real instrument Each Week
● Live Performance by Ms. Rye
● Group Rhythm & Instrument Play
● Group Songwriting


What are we learning?

  • By being introduced to different themes, children are expanding their knowledge of music as a whole; artists, genres, instruments, musical forms, etc.

  • Music and movement allows children to move freely, encouraging creative expression and gross motor development

  • A book reading not only entices children's interest on what we are learning about. It aids in literacy development, as they listen and follow along to what is being read. 

  • Being exposed to real instruments, and being able to have a hands on experience with them, allows children to expand upon their current mental schemas of what each instrument looks like and sounds like.  

  • Live performance gives children opportunity to see how instruments are played, and practice audience skills!

  • By playing hand/percussion instruments, children are practicing tempo, dynamics, and rhythm. As children count tempo, they are practicing their mathematical skills. In addition, grasping and shaking small instruments encourages fine motor development!

  • Songwriting involves teamwork, imagination, creative expression, and literacy practice!


Now offering weekly classes at Montessori Schools in Cedar Park, Austin and Round Rock!

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