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Extracurricular Art Classes

What to expect...

Classes are once a week; Big Scribbles & School-Age - 40+ minutes, Little Scribbles - 30 minutes. Each class starts with a brief art history lesson that leads into a fun, creative and hands-on art experience.  We focus on a different artist each week by dissecting their artwork and practicing their techniques.  


The children have choice in what they want to create- the children's artwork is in no way expected to look the same.  We feel it is the process of creating art that is most important rather than focusing on the product. However, the end product is important as well.  A child's confidence will sky rocket once they see what they are capable of.  A child will also feel excitement when they look at their artwork as they have discovered a new way to express themselves.


Scribbles for Littles students will discover the joy of creativity and the satisfaction of mastery.  Our goal is for each child to find art as a way to freely express themselves, to learn about art history, and to explore the different ways to create art.  Our lessons are given for inspiration and for the children to learn about the world of art and the joy of discovery. 


"I'm thrilled that you are shaping my daughter's life by inspiring her creativity with an excitement about art! Thank you!!!"

Sharon W.


“Jack woke up saying "it's art day, it's art day!" Thank you for giving him such excitement!”

Allyson C.


"Scribbles for Littles art classes are the best money I have ever spent on an extra curricular activity.  Each item that comes home is so creative and something we can keep forever."

Becky R.

Little Scribbles

ages 2 - 3

Art is very important at this age as the child is focused on visually exploring the world around them.  Even at this young age, toddlers are capable of many forms of art.  Art helps children reach many developmental goals that would include the 4 main categories: cognitive, social, emotional and physical.  At this age, many children are not fully able to communicate verbally to express their feelings.  Our art class will provide them visual stimulation as well as an outlet for self-expression allowing the child to embrace the language of art.

Big Scribbles

ages 3 - 6

This fun art class is tailored to meet the needs of each individual child as well as educate them about the world of art.  In our eyes, there is no wrong way to create art.  Our art lessons provide a noncompetitive class with open ended art activities that will stimulate the child's creative side by putting their imagination on display.  The child will discover a unique way to learn more about who they are as an individual.  Not only will this class allow the child to experiment with different mediums and techniques, but it will nurture the child's need for self-expression.   


ages 6+

The school-age art class is for students who wish to expand their skills and experiement with different media as well as practice different techniques to grow as an artist. In this class students will learn about the elements of art, color theory, art history, and much more. The school-age students will have freedom to develop their own personal style with the guidance of an experienced instructor. There will be a mix of both instructional drawing/painting lessons and open-ended lessons. This allows the student to learn new skills by following along with the instructor, and then the freedom to add their own personal style to create a unique, one of a kind piece of art.

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