The start of Scribbles...

It all started with just some scribbles and a wonderful Montessori school that let me to try something new.

Hi, my name is Lindsey Smith and I am a self-taught artist, children's book illustrator, a certified Montessori Guide, and the owner of Scribbles for Littles. I am also the mom of an amazing little boy, the proud owner of the sweetest pit bull, a taco junkie, and I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with HGTV. 

I have been teaching children since 2002, and I was teaching in the Montessori environment for 7 years before I decided to start Scribbles for Littles. I was born in Houston, TX and later moved to Connecticut where I went to school for Early Childhood Education. When I moved back to Texas, I found a Montessori school that embraced my love of teaching children art. 

We now have a team of talented artists that share the same passion as I do; guiding children through creative art experiences.