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The Halloween Box

Best suited for ages 4+

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We also have a box for 2, single project packs & our 'You Pick, We Pack' box!

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The Halloween Box is here!!
The Halloween Box is packed with 2 painting projects and 1 sculpture project. Each project is based off of a famous artist. 
1. Bat Painting inspired by Lin Onus
2. Spider Painting inspired by Louise Bourgeois
3. Monster Sculpture inspired by James DeRosso
With the purchase of the Halloween Box, you will also have access to our very own Scribbles To-Go videos that go along with the projects. In the videos, we will talk about the artist that inspired the project AND you get to follow along with Ms. Lindsey as she demonstrates how to do the project. 
You will be provided with a passcode to unlock the 'Halloween Box' page where you can find our videos and other helpful information to give your little the best Scribbles experience possible.
Your little will have loads of fun in the comfort of their home. That way everyone can stay safe and social distance, but also keep art alive and the creativity flowing!

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